Bonne Année – Happy New Year 2017 !

This post includes both French and English contents

Nous vous souhaitons à tous

une très belle et très heureuse année 2017 !

Laissez vous surprendre par de nouvelles rencontres,

Osez grimper par dessus vos murs,

Et ne négligez aucun des bonheurs que vous trouverez sur vos chemins !

Bonne année 2017

Our thoughts go out in particular to all the people we met last year, all around the world and also in France :

Alban, Alex, Aly, Andréï and relatives, Anne-Charlotte and family, Begzuren and family, Bobie Bojam, Branco Lazarov and family, Catherine et Jean, Cathy, Philippe and their son, Cong Thon, Daniel, Davis, Delphine, Eloi and their children, Denis, Dima and his dog, Dino, Manuela and Moreno, Duc , his family and all the team of the Mong Cai cycling club, Enrica and Sebastiano, family Fabry (Hervé, Cathy and Damien), family Hikaj (Sokol, Zejnie, Gjerovica,…), family Hoti, the russian family close to St Petersburg, Flora and Niko, Florence et Jérôme, Florence and Ray, François, Froit, Gabriele, Gabriele and Tarcisio, Gilles, Giovanni, Rita and theirs sons, la famille Goudard, the Latvian grand-mother, Jaanika and family, Jacques, Jean-Michel et Laurence, Jeniya and the young people close to Baïkal lake, John, Jonas and Marjane, Julia Misha and their children, Kerem, Kristiina, the Pomona’s family and Stéphane et sa famille, Estonian family close to Parnu, la famille Feligonde, la famille Gaudin, the horse center of Socerb, the arboretum’s landlord in Kouvola, Léonardo, the Cambodian policemen, the parents and teachers in China, all the Lettons, the buddhist monks in Bouriatie,the buddhist monks in Thaïland, the buddhist monks in Cambodia, the Mongolian nomads, the Pak Klang fishermen, les sœurs de la maison diocésaine à Viviers, the transsiberian travelers, Litsa ans Kostas, Luba, Luc et sa famille, Lysiane et Bruno, Maguelonne et sa famille, Maksim and his family, Mario-Leon and his friend, Martin and his family, Martina and her neighbours Jens, Ida Léna and Matti, Michael and his family, Milorad, Mireille et sa famille, Monique, Neno, Nes and his family, Patrizio and his family, Philippe and Nout, Sacha, Micha and Gricha and their children, Savraka and Yoco, Seyha and his family, Solene et l’AFS Cambodge, Steve and his friend, Taner and his flatmates, Timour and Nadia, Tobias from Freiburg, Tobias from Hamburg, a chinese family, Utte and her friend, Wahab and Samihé.

We will never forget you and

we wish you all the best for 2017 !

Chez nous 2017 annonce de nouvelles migrations …

« Au premier voyage on découvre, au second on s’enrichit. » (proverbe touareg)

… affaire à suivre …


En attendant, nous serons présents lors de l’AG de Vélocité Grand Montpellier
(salle Pétrarque – 2 place Pétrarque à Montpellier)
ce vendredi 27 janvier à partir de 18H30